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Veterinarian, DVM

Avian probiotics

Peter S. Sakas received his BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in biology from Northwestern University in 1974. He then traveled to Auburn University in Alabama and pursued his MS (Master of Science) degree in Zoology-Entomology which he achieved in 1979. While at Auburn, he studied the immune response of dogs with canine heartworm disease in conjunction with the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. He presented his master’s research findings at regional and national parasitological association meetings. In addition, he helped develop a test for the detection of occult heartworm disease in dogs and cats which led to a publication in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA).


He had been involved with Niles Animal Hospital since 1980 when he began working as a student extern at the hospital under the direction of the noted avian veterinarian Dr. T. J. Lafeber. He worked at Niles whenever he was on break from college through his years in veterinary school. Dr. Sakas became a staff veterinarian upon graduation in 1983 and Dr. Lafeber groomed him to be his successor. He bought the practice from Dr. Lafeber when he retired in 1985 and has owned it since then.


Unfortunately, Dr. Sakas passed away from complications of COVID-19 on March 30th, 2020, and continues to be truly missed by many including myself.


I consider myself honored to have had the pleasure of being his friend when he was a vet tech for our mutual friend, Dr. Theodore Lefeber and then became well-known as the top Midwest avian veterinarian. I am most pleased to have received his unsolicited testimonial and endorsement. Won't you take the time to read it in the PDF file below.

Avian probiotics

Read his 2017 testimonial and endorsement letter of


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